Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the meals served?

A: Meals are served in the Farmhouse at the River Camp. This was the original farmhouse of Cresto Ranch when it was operating as a cattle Ranch in the 1800's. We have seating indoors, or outside on our wrap-around deck. In the summer we have warmers for the deck so you can enjoy dinner outside listening to the river right below you.

Q: Can we use the hot springs at dunton?

A: Most of the time you are allowed to use the hot springs at Dunton. The only times when this would not be possible is if we have a private resort "buy-out" at Dunton Hot Springs for a special event such as a wedding or private party.

Q: Are the same activities and spa services offered?

A: Yes, all activities are the same with exception to use of the hot springs as explained above. In addition at the River Camp we have our River sauna, as well as the fact that each tent comes with 2 private mountain bikes for guest use.

Q: are the tents heated?

A: Yes. All our tents are heated with a gas stove (rated for a 1500 sqft house), and the bathrooms are well insulated and have towel warmers which add to the heat. We have heavy down comforters and wool blankets for the bed to keep you that extra warm during the night.

Q: Is there Wifi?

A: Yes, all our tents, and the Farmhouse have wi-fi for guest use.

Q: Are there poisonous snakes?

A: No there are not. Due to our elevation (8,500 ft) we are too high for rattle snakes. We do however have some garden snakes, but these are HARMLESS.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: We do not allow pets in the tents at Dunton River Camp. Due to the fact that the tents are made out of canvas we do not want to have the noise of a barking dog disturb other tents, or the possibility of paws scratching and possibly ripping the tents.

Q: Is there a lot of wildlife, and should we be scared?

A: You will see wild animals, but you should not be worried. Please remember though that we are in the animals territory, so we should be respectful of them and if we see them we should leave them alone. Some wild animals you may see when at Dunton River Camp are : Bald Eagle, Elk, Deer, Moose, Black Bear, Coyote, Fox, Lynx and Beavers.

Q: What is there to do?

A: There is as much or as little to do as you would like at Dunton River Camp. If you are active and want to hike there are plenty opportunities from the Camp, and there are 4 different trail heads within a 10 minute drive. Or if you wish, you can go fishing, or mountain biking or just read a book on the deck of your tent followed by relaxing spa treatments.

Q: What's included in the price?

A: Our rates include all meals and all beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) during your stay. It also includes two mountain bikes during your stay, phone calls, internet and laundry service.